Saturday, April 13, 2013

Saturday turned out to be a very beautiful and special day for those who attended the dedication ceremony. We had dozens of classmates, and several of the original faculty and staff members, including our beloved principal Mr. Luther McDonald, Mrs. Betty Cooper, Mrs. Pat (Wise) Temple, Mrs. Pat (Thomas) Byrd, Mrs. Gina (Weller) Webb, and Mr. Hugh Tucker. The ceremony lasted about 20 minutes. During his part of the presentation of "Rambunctious," Mr. McDonald spent some time embellishing the Class of '64, and explaining his "open door policy" (so many of us were being sent to his office for disciplinary actions, he did not have time to shut the door). I thought this can't be true, with few exceptions, most of my classmates were perfect students (mild mannered young adults eager to learn).*

*Small embellishment on my part.

Mr. Pilson (Rutherford's Principal) upon acceptance of "Rambunctious' expressed his gratitude and shared some of his inspiring thoughts on tradition. Mr. Pilson also led us in prayer. With his energy level, insight and motivation, Rutherford High School has a great future under his tutelage.

Go Rams!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In hindsight, I wished that I had taken a group photo of the members of the Class of '64 that were present.

We made the Saturday evening news on 2 local television stations, and a write-up in the Local & State section of the Sunday News Herald.

Our 15 minutes of fame did not last long.

Out sincere thanks to Ms. Lin Byrd of the Rutherford High School Media Center for providing over 100 photos, and Darrell Scott (Jimmy Scott's son) for his help with the remaining 60+ photos.

See if you can recognize the youngsters (Class of 65) in the photos.